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King Babylon

WINNER of BEST SCRIPT WRITING PRIZE, New Jersey International Film Competition, 2017. The epic story of proud King Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel, a young Hebrew slave. When Daniel’s talent in interpreting the kings’s dreams reveals the future, will the king respond or deny his destiny? And will Daniel, facing almost certain death in the lions’ den, live to win the respect of his enemies and secure his people’s freedom to return home to Jerusalem.

Prepare for awesome dreams, incompetent diviners, roaring lions, a blazing furnace, a supernatural ‘human’ hand and more……!!
The music, an eclectic fusion of rock-pop-jazz, brings this ancient story right up to date.
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Linda Walton, Book
Frits de Groot, Music and Lyrics
Karen Rabinowitz, Director
Andy Ralls, Musical Director

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Company number 5595952 Registered Office: 12 Northfields Prospect, Putney Bridge Road, London SW18 1PE

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