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The Salsa Sisters

In Havana, Cuba in 1957, the mafia is in control. So when Clara Lopez decides to form a dance band with her three sisters to raise money for their sick Papa, she comes face-to-face with mob boss, Ricardo Luca. Meanwhile, the revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro are advancing towards Havana armed with rifles and determined to bring political change…

First performed at:

The Barbican Theatre, Plymouth:

14th and 15th August 2012

Linda Walton, Book
Tarek Merchant, Music & Lyrics
  • Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed working with you on The Salsa Sisters – it has been such a great two weeks and I have learnt a huge amount. Talking to you has really inspired and motivated me to approach my writing in different ways, and has also taught me the need for thorough research and preparation. The text of The Salsa Sisters really impressed me and I do hope to see a production of it one day in a professional setting. I’m certain this will happen!
    Assistant MD
  • Wanted to say a big thank you for such a wonderfully enjoyable and creative 2 weeks. The last night’s performance, it really all came together and I think we have a very exciting show waiting to emerge. I hope we get the chance to develop it further! Can’t get the bloody songs out of my head!
  • Incredible! How professional – and hard to believe that it was all put together in such a short space of time by a team who had not worked together previously. WELL DONE
  • The Salsa Sisters. No-one would believe that the whole show came together in such a ridiculously short time. The performance, songs and especially the lyrics(!) were amazingly good.

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